MLH Localhost Workshops

Free, out-of-the-box workshops covering today's most relevant technology so you can share knowledge with your community, spend less time on content, and learn as you go.

We've partnered with:

Anyone can become a Localhost organizer.

Everyone will benefit.

Whether you're . . .

  • Running a hackathon
  • Organizing events
  • Managing career workshops
  • Interested in computer science

MLH Localhost makes it easy for you to teach today's most essential tech skills so you and your community can level up together.

Everything you need to run a workshop.

For free.

Out-of-the-box QAed content

Get professional slides created with our partners (Like Microsoft and Unity), and an organizer guide to help you get going.

Git swag

We'll send stickers and signage to your event. If you're part of our Momentum Rewards program, you can get snack reimbursements and other exclusive swag too.

Scaffolding call

Don't go it alone. Get one-on-one time with us, and we can talk technical content, organizing events, or how to get more attendees.

Goodies from our partners

Depending on the workshop, our partners are down to share software credits, free trials, hardware rentals, and more.

You don't have to be an expert.

  • "I know what I know now about technology because the Localhost team gives me (and so, so many others in the hacker community) access to knowledge, tools, and instructors. As a result, I enjoy teaching Localhost workshops because I get to help give access to those who want to learn too!"

    Fawziyah Alebiosu

    MLH Coach, Localhost Community Leader

  • "Getting started with MLH Localhost was one of the easiest and best experiences I've had in both the technology and teaching world. Because of the technologies I could teach others, it was something I wanted to bring to my community. Not only has Localhost allowed me to help others strengthen their technical skills, but it has also helped me strengthen my technical, leadership, and teaching skills."

    Sumaiya Tabassum

    Queens College Tech Incubator

Why organize MLH Localhost?

Why not.

Bridge the gap

Syntax taught in school isn't enough to get a job or build your project. Get real-world knowledge and experience.

Learn & teach

It's okay if you're not already familiar with the content. You'll teach yourself as you prep, and then share your learning process with others as they do the same.

Share knowledge

We grow together. Inspire and engage your community no matter where you live and bring important job skills to anyone.

Spend more time with your community.

Less time creating content means you can focus on rallying your community — and actually enjoy being part of it.

Choose your workshop

Take the next step.

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