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Okay Google, How Do I Build Actions for Assistant?

Learn to build an Action for Google Assistant using Google Cloud Platform and Dialogflow.

Workshop Overview

  • Beginner
  • 1.5h - 2h
  • JavaScript, Google Cloud Platform, Actions on Google, Sentiment Analysis

Learning Objectives

  • Create an Action for Google Assistant
  • Use Dialogflow to create a conversational interface
  • Use Google Cloud Platform to manage your project

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About this Workshop

During this workshop, you’ll guide participants through building an Action for Google Assistant! This action will retrieve Tweets from Twitter, analyze them using the Google Cloud Natural Language API, and inform the user how people on Twitter feel about a given topic.

Build an Action on Google

Actions on Google is the platform where developers can build Actions for Google Assistant. Actions are conversational interactions that allow users to talk with Google Assistant (and other interfaces coming soon!). Your Action’s users will be able to ask, “How do people feel about . . .” any topic, and your Action will respond!

Use Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of developer tools that allows you to build software that is scaffolded by Google’s core infrastructure and latest innovations. Your Action will be hosted on Google Cloud and you’ll use the Cloud Natural Language API to analyze sentiments.

Requirements / Prerequisites

Participants will need to be able to create a Google account and use Google Cloud Platform. This workshop will be completed entirely in the browser.

While no background knowledge is required, familiarity with JavaScript is helpful.

System Requirements:


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The List:

Resources & Downloads

Google Cloud

Participants can read about Google Cloud Platform before the workshop begins.

Google Cloud Platform

Actions on Google

Participants can read about

Actions on Google


Participants can read more about Dialogflow as well!


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