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Introduction to Threat Hunting with Elastic Security

The basics of investigating security incidents

Workshop Overview

  • Beginner
  • 1.5 - 2 Hours
  • Threat Hunting, Security, Elastic Stack

Learning Objectives

  • Know the basic concepts of security
  • Discover the free and open tools in the Elastic Stack
  • Understand how to discover & detect threats using Elastic Security

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About this Workshop

During this workshop you’ll teach participants the basics of investigating security incidents, using Elastic Security as your guide. The workshop takes participants through a fun capture-the-flag style competition while teaching the basics of security and using Elastic’s popular online Security Event & Information Management (SEIM) platform.

Requirements / Prerequisites

Participants will be required to have a computer that can connect to the Internet and meet the system requirements below.

Required Access:


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The List:

Resources & Downloads

Sign Up for Elastic Cloud

Participants will need to create an account for Elastic Cloud. You may sign up for a free trial without a credit card.

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