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Learn Git with GitKraken

Getting started with version control can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Learn how to use Git with the intuitive GitKraken Git GUI and GitKraken Boards for task tracking.

Workshop Overview

  • Beginner
  • 1.5h - 2h
  • Git, GitKraken Git GUI, GitKraken Boards, Collaboration

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of Git
  • Use the GitKraken Git GUI to collaborate on a project
  • Use GitKraken Boards to manage project tasks

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About this Workshop

During this workshop, you’ll guide participants through setting up a GitHub account, installing the GitKraken Git GUI, and learning the magic of collaborating seamlessly using the GitKraken Git GUI and GitKraken Boards.

Participants will make edits to a simple team webpage to learn how to use the GitKraken Git GUI — a visual interface for interacting with Git, no command line required.


Git is a powerful tool, but it can be tricky to get up and running and to memorize the commands on top of learning the workflow. The GitKraken Git GUI is an app for interacting with Git and streamlines the collaborative process. Learn how to branch, commit, make pull requests, and resolve merge conflicts in this collaborative, interactive workshop!

Requirements / Prerequisites

Participants will need to be able to install GitKraken Git GUI on their computer.


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The List:

Resources & Downloads


Participants can download and install GitKraken Git GUI before the workshop begins.

GitKraken Download


Participants can create a GitHub account before the workshop begins.


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