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Blockchain Casino - Learning how to SCORE on ICON

Join the largest decentralized network in the world.

Workshop Overview

  • Intermediate
  • 2 Hours
  • Blockchain, dApp, Smart Contracts, TBears,

Learning Objectives

  • Create an ICON Wallet
  • Creating a SCORE using TBears
  • Send/Receive Transactions using the iconSDK
  • Deploy a SCORE onto the ICON network

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About this Workshop

In this workshop, participants will build a slot machine application using ICON technology, ICX, and Smart Contracts known as SCORE and deploy it onto the ICON network.


ICON is a blockchain platform that enables various blockchains to interact with each other via smart contracts in order to build one of the largest decentralized platforms in the world! This workshop will enable students to create a project on the blockchain using ICON to send/receive transactions (ICX), create a SCORE, and deploy it to a testnet.

Python IconSDK

Participants in this workshop will leverage with the Python iconSDK a collection of libraries that allows students to interact with a local or remote ICON node using an HTTP connection.

Smart Contracts (SCORE)

Participants will learn how to SCORE! A smart contract running on ICON’s network that resides at a specific address on the blockchain and executed on ICON nodes. These are the building blocks of decentralized applications.

Requirements / Prerequisites

While no background knowledge in Blockchain technology is required, participants with familiarity in HTML/CSS, Javascript and Python will be beneficial for participation in this workshop. Students should also have the following installed on their machines:


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The List:

Resources & Downloads

ICON Developer Portal

ICON Tutorials

ICON Community Telegram Channel

ICON DAPP From A-Z Part 1: Tools & Environment


ICON DAPP From A-Z Part 3: ICON Dice Roll DAPP

ICON Workshop — Voting DAPP

ICON Workshop — Blackjack Part 1: SCORE

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