Momentum Rewards

Earn cool prizes for your hacker community by regularly scheduling and running Localhost workshops! When you run a workshop, you can earn Momentum Reward points! You can redeem your Momentum Rewards for exclusive stickers, t–shirts, meals for your club, and more!

View Your Points

See how many Momentum Rewards Points you have on our leaderboard! You can also see where Localhost workshops have been run as well.

Organization Location Points

Momentum Rewards Benefits

See what you can earn with your points.

5 Points

Exclusive Localhost Stickers

Receive rare MLH Localhost stickers. Show it off. Show them off to your friends.

10 Points

Pizza or Meal Reimbursement

Provide a meal to your community while they learn about new technologies from Localhost.

15 Points

Custom MLH Localhost Stickers

We can make custom stickers for your community!

20 Points

MLH T-Shirts

We'll send you MLH T-Shirts for your club!

Momentum Rewards Policy

Terms and Conditions

  • Complete the Qualification Quiz. It takes 10 minutes to complete and goes over important best practices.
  • Have at least 15 attendees check in to the event using the check-in form (
  • Tweet an image of the workshop using the hash tag, MLHLocalhost, plus any relevant hashtags from the Social Media Cheat Sheet.
  • Take the organizer survey we send you after your event.

Note: You must have all of your attendees use the check-in form! We only award Momentum Rewards Points to events with attendee check-ins. We do not share your members’s information with our sponsors unless your attendees explicitly opt in to sharing their details.

Earning Bonus Points

If your event qualifies for Momentum Rewards, then for each of the following scenarios, you can earn an extra point:

  • Running a featured workshop. Qualifying workshops are listed above, and these change from time to time.
  • Having more than 30 attendees check in to your Localhost event.
  • Running a workshop during the months of June, July, or December.

Questions and Concerns

If you think your points are incorrect, please email [email protected] and we will sort it out as soon as possible.