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Sharpen your frontend development skills with this activity, where you’ll be recreating a website in HTML/CSS using our code editor - all without previewing your code along the way.

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Activity Overview

  • Intermediate
  • .5h - 1h

Learning Objectives

  • Practice front-end development

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About this Activity

During this activity, you’ll host the !Light (pronounced No Light) game. We’ll teach you how to run !Light by covering the rules of how to play and what tools you can use to run the contest smoothly. !Light is great for both participants writing code and for an audience to watch and in by judging submissions.

What is !Light?

!Light is a fun game where participants are challenged to build a website using HTML, CSS without loading the webpage. The provided content covers how to run the activity and will teach you how to use our !Light code editor. It also covers how to run judging and engage an audience while they view participant submissions. Lastly you’ll also learn how to effectively market !Light to potential attendees on your campus.

Requirements / Prerequisites

Participants will be required to have a computer that can connect to the Internet. Participants should have a basic familiarity with HTML and CSS. During this Activity they’ll be using an online code editor to produce and submit their !Light projects.


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Resources & Downloads

Organizer Resources

These are resources that organizers can use to manage their MLH Localhost events. Print these out for your reference during the event.

Sheet & Checklist

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