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Slideshow Karaoke

Practice public speaking skills with a fun activity. Presenters are given a random slide deck and must deliver an improvised speech to their audience!

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Activity Overview

  • Beginner
  • .5h - 1h
  • Public Speaking

Learning Objectives

  • Practice presentation skills

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About this Activity

During this activity, you’ll host the Slideshow Karaoke. We’ll teach you how to run Slideshow Karaoke by covering the rules of how to play. We’ll also teach you how to source slide decks and moderate the audience. Slideshow Karaoke is great for both participants giving presentations and the audience to watch.

What is Slideshow Karaoke?

Slideshow Karaoke is a fun game where participants are called up to the stage one at a time. The audience will shout out topics and organizer will use those topic suggestions to find a random yet topical slide deck on the Internet. The participant on stage will then present the slide deck without getting to view the content. The organizer will keep time and progress the slidedeck as the participant makes their presentation.

Requirements / Prerequisites

The organizer will be required to have a computer that can connect to the Internet. They should also have access to a projector to present slideshows.


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